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The relevance of Rehab India Foundation in nation-building has never been of greater importance than now. Over the years, it has been able to gain a foothold in village development and has strived to help change people’s lives in India.

Our involvement began with participatory development, creating in the process methods to optimise effective community development. Rehab has been able to establish a unique five-year “developmental model” in the area of village development which has become a benchmark of advancement for other NGOs. Our Village Development Programme (VDP) has been well established and we are able to scale our operations in an efficient manner within a short span of time.

As always, we remain dependant upon the generosity and kindles of philanthropists. We believe the rich and the privileged have a duty towards the poor and the underprivileged. This has been vital in reaching out to India’s most vulnerable segments of population. Together, we have an important act to perform, together. With the grace of God, the Almighty let us make the real difference and help change lives.

“If you wish for God to multiply your wealth,
then purify it by giving to those who has right over it”

N-44, Hilal Homes, 2nd Stage
Abul Fazal Enclave, Delhi-110 025
Tel: 011 29946637

Rehab India Foundation is a non-profit charity actively working in the most backward parts of the country impoverished due to hunger, diseases and illiteracy, and involved in their sustainable development and empowerment.

* 30 villages in Bihar, 10 in Murshidabad District of West Bengal, 3 in Assam and 9 in Delhi, Andhra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.


Rehab’s Village Development Programme (VDP) requires
20 lakhs for 5 Years implementation typically in a hamlet or Mohalla
with 200 families.

To reach out to more people and better public participation, Rehab introduces ’ADOPT A FAMILY‘ scheme for

2,000 / FAMILY / YEAR* for the five year programme which actually cost

20 lakhs for each village.

* The amount given as part of the scheme is used for the above mentioned
sustainable programme and not given as cash to each family.