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Economic Development

Securing a Sustainable Livelihood is one of the greatest challenges for populations in Indian villages. Without quality education, employment training, or access to sustainable jobs, rural communities struggle to bring in incomes that sufficiently meet the costs of even their most basic needs, on a permanent, long-term basis. Rehab India Foundation, recognizing the desperation of such situations, has previously undertaken small business and family upliftment, skill development training, and certificate distribution programs that increase the scope for impoverished sections of rural society to secure a steady income. However, it is our most vehement belief that there is always scope for more. We are therefore, open to collaborations with interested partners, which would involve specific skill training across a variety of low and semi-skilled job sectors, such as tailoring, simple manufacturing work, and basic clerical work, as well as employment drives and counselling sessions that would introduce these communities to the world of formal employment.

Our Activities
A cursory look on our current projects.
Our Activities
Rehab conducts a wide range of activities in its target areas to achieve the set goals.
Micro-financing I Padosi (Self-Help) Groups I Tailoring Training Programme I Animal Rearing Programme I Farmer support Schemes I Partnership farming I Individual employment support - Zari, Shops, Cycle Rickshaw, Tela Van, Bamboo, Mango, etc