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In the recent past, the approach to achieving universal literacy in India has been the widespread extension of the Public Education sector. However, the lack of progress made by programs such as the NPE is testament to the fact that increased quality, rather than quantity, should be the benchmark of success, as far as education is concerned. Therefore, Rehab India Foundation has committed itself to ensuring not only that more children from rural areas have access to schools, but are also actually enrolling themselves, and attending classes on a regular basis. Initiatives of the Foundation have tackled issues ranging from scholarship access and enrolment campaigns, to teacher training, and parent-teacher meetings, that are aimed at assessing the quality and regularity of a child’s education process, instead of just the bare-minimum of building more schools.

Rehab India Foundation is aiming to expand its outreach by contributing to specific, skill-based areas, such as teacher training, and mentorship programs, as well as through financial aid assistance for scholarship drives, quizzes and competitions, and talent search examinations.

Our current education programs are running in the villages of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Our programs are especially tailored for the underprivileged kids to facilitate them with existing educational practices with reformative measures.

To live the sense of sustainable development, Rehab believes in the complete engagement of the community in the training and awareness sessions. Therefore, to teach the children displaying different leaning levels, we at Rehab have made sure that the each and every child is taken care of through our remedial tuition classes. These remedial tuition classes are designed with student friendly techniques including activity based learning to impart each and every child with standard learning methods. 




Children in rural areas continue to be deprived ofquality education owing to factors like poverty,

lack of competent and committed teachers, lackof textbooks or teaching and learning materials,

and so on. To address this problem, Rehab runsfree Tuition Centers, to bring underprivileged

children to a level where they can compete with theprivileged. This programme specifically targets

young students whose academic performance is poor, and therefore dropoutat the primary level,

ending up as low-pay labourers. The programprovides support for students to enrol in these

Tuition Centres,thereby enabling them topursue their passions, and bringing out their talents.



Rehab India Foundation nurtures school childrenin the remotest parts of various states, wherefamilies are very poor, and therefore,cannot afford to spend on basic necessities of

children’s education. In response, we disbursed schoolstationery kits to underprivileged children in these areas. The kitconsists of a school bag, with 5 note books and apencil box with a pen, pencil, ruler, sharpener anderaser.



Meetings are conducted with parents, in order to discusstheir children’s performance

and activities, and reiterate the importanceof continued education. Regularity and

attendance of the students is also discussedduring these meetings.



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