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What is it like to partner with Rehab India?

Rehab India functions as a highly committed and cohesive nonprofit organization. We work with government bodies, corporates, and other nonprofits who help us in accomplishing our mission: uplifting and empowering India’s rural poor. Last year, <insert figure> of the funding we raised went directly to our <What> programs. Our partners are critical to the success of our mission - together, we believe that we can dream bigger each time. 

Rehab India has <no> active partnerships in <no> states.

Whether it is funding, volunteering, research or marketing, our partners are an extension of the Rehab India Foundation itself.
Rehab India operates in four areas:

Sustainable Livelihood

We empower rural communities. And for that, we provide small business and skill development training as well as certificate programs that enable the rural poor to secure a steady income.

What we are looking for: Partners to assist us with specific skill training across a variety of low and semi-skilled job sectors, such as tailoring, simple manufacturing work, and basic clerical work as well as employment drives and counselling sessions. 

Public Education

One of our focus areas is ensuring that more children from rural areas have access to education and attend school regularly. 

What we are looking for: Partners who can contribute to specific, skill-based areas, such as teacher training, and mentorship programs, as well as offer financial aid assistance for scholarship drives, quizzes and competitions, and talent search examinations.

Climate Change and Environment

The world as we know it is no longer the same. Climate change has wreaked havoc on our environment. Therefore, both our urban and rural development projects also focus on providing cleaner, healthier surroundings for the underprivileged. 

What we are looking for: We focus on clean-up drives and environment protection awareness campaigns. We would like to work with partners who can guide us in integrating climate change promotion and environment-friendly practices into our development and alleviation agenda. We are also looking for collaborations in awareness campaigns on climate change and clean-up drives. 

Gender Equality

Empowering women and ensuring their independent economic and social sustainability has long been a key prerogative of Rehab India’s. But we are now expanding to a more focused Gender Equality initiative.

What we are looking for: We encourage partnerships with those working on the normalization of traditionally ‘irregular’ identities, as well as upliftment of the social position of women. Join us in forming a coherent strategy for dissemination of information and awareness.

Clean Water and Sanitation

Vulnerable communities face difficulties in accessing potable water sources. Rehab India has implemented drinking water projects in several parts of India, along with the installation of tube wells, hand-dug wells, and water catchment schemes. We couple this with public sanitation drives in the form of awareness campaigns, training programs with health workers, and the construction of hygienic public toilets.

What we are looking for: Locality-based purification mechanisms and rainwater harvesting projects are among the new partnerships we are looking for. We also look forward to partnering with groups that can contribute meaningfully to both awareness and information campaigns, as well as support the construction of sanitation and drinking water infrastructure.